In 2007, the interest group Bahnwanderweg (consisting of the Canton of Uri and the communities of Göschenen, Wassen, Gurtnellen, Silenen and Erstfeld) has realised the Gottardo hiking trail as a sustainable project for the Gotthard railway’s 125-year-anniversary, together with Leventina and Biasca Turismo. Just in time for the opening of the new Gotthard base tunnel, the NLRA (New rail link through the Alps), the hiking trail was extended up to Altdorf in spring 2016. At over 50 original sites – in front of impressive constructions, natural spectacles or technical masterpieces – the generously designed boards inform you about the past, present and future of the Gotthard region, the Gotthard hiking trail and the Gotthard railway as well as nature and culture in the Leventina and the Urner Reusstal.

In January 2009, the project «Gottardo hiking trail» was transferred to the newly founded association Gottardo hiking trail (Verein Gottardo-Wanderweg). The association consists of delegates from the communities of Göschenen, Wassen, Gurtnellen, Silenen, Erstfeld,Attinghausen and Altdorf. A main goal of the association is the active marketing of the Gottardo hiking trail in the future and therefore promote tourism in the Urner Reusstal and the Leventina in a sustainable manner.


Verein Gottardo-Wanderweg
c/o Uri Tourismus AG
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf

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